My Patriot Supply Survival Food Review

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There are a lot of places to buy survival food from and then there are a handful that do it better than the others. 

My Patriot Supply is part of that short list. 

They have been at it since 2008 and their experience shined through in the 2020 pandemic. 

Turning to a My Patriot Supply stockpile of my own for things like power outages and camping trips gives me the feeling that we are prepared to eat no matter what the situation. 

This is important in these uncertain times. 

We should all be choosing a survival food company in these modern times.

Let’s take a closer look at My Patriot Supply and see if they are the right company for you. 

Evaluation Criteria for Survival Food 


Using six criteria we will judge My Patriot Supply food to see how it measures up. 

1. Shelf Life

How long does their survival food last? How long does it last after it has been opened? 

2. Nutrition & Calories

What kind of nutritional value do the foods contain? Are they calorie dense foods that will meet you and your families needs?

3. Taste 

How does the taste measure up? Are these foods that your family will want to eat?

4. Packaging Size

Does the serving size and the package size have the necessary value? 

5. Customer Service 

What happens when there is a problem? Do you get to speak to helpful people or a machine? 

6. Value for Money 

Is the survival food you receive worth the money? 

My Patriot Supply Overall Summary

My Patriot Supply Overall Rating:

My Patriot Supply is one of the highest level performers in the survival food industry. Their service and their sales work hand in hand. They can only really be compared to the best in the business like Mountain House, Emergency Essentials, and Valley Food Storage. 

They outperform the competition with their incredible focus on daily calories and their collection of offerings like coffee and their survival supplement product called Survival Shot. 

Throughout these reviews one of my biggest qualms with other food storage companies was a lack of beverage options. 

They keep pricing competitive while offering 24/7 service and more calories than their competition. With a wide range of in-stock meals, it’s hard to give them anything but a top score. 

What Types of Survival Food Does My Patriot Supply Offer

My Patriot Supply offers Ready Hour Food Storage which also has its own full website. 

This is a company that is part of a family of preparedness companies and it’s the brand of food for sale at My Patriot Supply. It’s good stuff! 

Let’s look at the types of survival food they offer. 

Long Term Survival Food Kits 

If you are after big buckets of survival food, My Patriot Supply has your back. They offer a number of long term survival food kit options. The best part is that they sell kits for specific time frames.

In other words, if you want a year’s worth of food they have a 1 year kit. They have 6 month kits, 3 month kits, protein kits and breakfast kits. 

They even have an interesting little prep called the Ultimate Solar Power & Cooking Emergency Food Kit. This comes with a 4 week food supply, Alexapure water filter, small mess kit, solo stove and a simple solar USB charging device. 

The options are many and you can get everything you need for long term food storage from My Patriot Supply. 

Short Term Survival Food Kits

If your game is not to make a massive investment for months worth of food, you can also invest in short-term kits. These kits are built for weeks at a time. 

You can purchase a kit with the same types of meals that you get in a year’s worth of food. 

Maybe you are after a simple 72 hour kit, well, they have these, too. You can get a 1 week food kit that comes in an ammo can with a handle!

Pack Cases 

This is a cool option that looks like something you might buy at a supermarket retailer. Rather than investing in a larger amount of survival food meals, you can buy cases of the Ready Hour meal and ingredient packs. 

They offer their full inventory of meals and ingredients that can be purchased in full cases or in 4pks, 6pks or larger 22pks. 

These packs give you even more freedom to customize your food storage supply. You might want to bolster your meals because you like certain offerings. Or maybe you like the freeze dried fruits as a snack for when the power is out.

 You might even be buying up just the protein, to assure you have meat when you need it. 

#10 Cans 

One of the best offerings of any survival food company are the #10 cans of bulk meals or single items. These cans are easy to store and often have a better price per serving than individual pouch kits. 

If you are on a budget it might be better for you to build your stockpile using these offerings from My Patriot Supply. 

You can get a larger collection of items that is themed around categories like staples, soups and breakfast. Of course, they also have a wide range of individual items that you can buy by the can at a price between $10 and $30 with a few exceptions. 

Datrex Survival Bars

These high calorie survival bars are a great ready to eat option for you and yours. They are not highly nutritious but each bar boasts 400 calories.

They have a long shelf life and make a perfect addition to your food storage at home or even something to store in the bug out bags. 

Franklin’s Finest Coffee

This is a very special product. Coffee is often overlooked in emergency preparedness. It seems to be assumed that coffee is just something we can learn to live without in a disaster. I always ask the question: “Why!?” 

You could argue that the best time to have that hot cup of coffee is when your world is turned upside down. 

Franklin’s Finest is a freeze dried instant coffee that lasts up to 30 years! You can buy a sample pack of 60 servings or a 720 serving bucket for the long haul. We are talking about 2 cups of coffee a day for almost 2 years! 

Survival Shot Supplement 

This is a very unique product that I think deserves the attention of anyone who is preparing for an emergency or disaster. While food and coffee are great things to have on hand, what about supplements. 

It’s likely that you take some kind of supplement each day. You cannot really store them long term because the efficacy diminishes over time. However, you can store this Survival Shot for 10 years. 

Each bottle is a 30 days supply of 50% of your RDA for a number of vitamins and minerals. This is truly a survival supplement. Each serving also adds 120 calories to your diet. So, you are also padding the stats on food, too! 

I really love the survival shot product and you get a 30 days supply for under $20! 


Not everyone is a fan of MREs but if you like them you can buy cases of MREs with heaters. They have a few different meals, too. 

Main Features We Reviewed My Patriot Supply On

My Patriot Supply has a lot to look at. What are they up to with all this inventory? 

We are going to find out as we grade them on these seven unique criteria. 

Variety of Meals 

Our Rating:

My Patriot Supply offers a superior variety of meals. There are all kinds of options from ready made foods to hot meal kits. With nearly 30 pouched food options, most of which can be used as entrees or lunches, there are few companies that can boast a similar inventory. 

They also have 3 pages worth of #10 can single and bulk items. You can load a pantry with all these varieties of foods. 

There are supplements, coffee, MREs and there are Datrex Bars available for you, too! There is more here than anyone can store. 

Taste & Quality 

Our Rating:

Sometimes the measure of a good food storage company is in their mac and cheese. It might seem like an easy one to pull off but it can be pretty bad when it is bad. 

We had a few different meals from My Patriot Supply. However, the meal that stood out most to me was the mac and cheese. It was a creamy sauce with tender noodles. The cheddar flavor did not make me think of instant sides or of freeze-dried food.

That is what you are after in survival food. 

Ease of Cooking

Our Rating:

You have plenty of options from Ready Hour that require no cooking at all. There are items like MREs that heat up quickly or have the option to be eaten raw if you desire it. 

My Patriot Supply Meals have an average cook time of 20 minutes. This is pretty much the average. There are some meals that take less time to cook but you are never really going to need more than boiling water and 20 minutes to have a full meal. 

Nutrition & Health

Our Rating:

The meals are heavy on calories per serving and that is a great perk. You see, My Patriot Supply boasts the highest calories per day of any survival food company. Most entrees have a reasonable amount of protein with the low end around 7 grams and the high end closer to 20 grams. 

Nutrients like calcium, iron and potassium are all represented in most meals. 

My Patriot Supply also sells the Survival Shot which can become a complete supplement for any nutrition deficiencies. 

Shelf Life 

Our Rating:

My Patriot Supply’s survival food claims up to a 25 year shelf life on their packages. Their process is very similar to other food storage companies. 

They take steps to minimize the amount of oxygen in each bag. Their freeze drying process goes a long way in creating this long shelf life, too. 

Value for Money

Our Rating:

When it comes to value you are considering flavor and calories, above all. These are the two things that truly make survival food worth the money. 

My Patriot Supply does this very well!. 

On the face it may look like their food is competitively priced or even overpriced compared to other companies. However, if you dig deeper you will find that MPS not only has some of the best pricing but they also offer more food than any other company. 

They are the only survival food company that offers up 2000+ calories per day in their kits. That is an impressive amount of food. I have seen comparable kits offer as little as 1200 calories per day. 

Customer Service

Our Rating:

My Patriot Supply offers customer service that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. They also offer a chat box and a few means of snail mailing them. 

It is an impressive level of customer service because they offer a phone line that provides you with a person all hours of the day. 

Product Availability 

Our Rating:

Even with all of their unique products, My Patriot Supply keeps a stocked inventory. The coffee, the MREs, and the long term meals were all in stock. 

The only thing I saw that was out of stock was the camping percolator. This was sold out on the coffee page. 

My Patriot Supply (Ready Hour Food) Cooking & Taste Test

I did a cooking and taste test of Ready Hour’s Creamy Stroganoff Dish.

Below you can see the video of me unboxing, cooking, and showcasing the final result of what a Creamy Stroganoff meal looks like from My Patriot Supply (Ready Hour).

How Does My Patriot Supply Compare to Other Survival Food Companies

My Patriot Supply is a top tier company. It is not just that they are a top tier survival food company but they are a well run company in general. So, they have established themselves amongst the best. 

There are very few survival food companies that can compete with them. 

My Patriot Supply offers 2000+ calories per day from their meals. That is more than any other survival food company. Calories are one half of the game when it comes to food storage. 

They also offer an instant coffee product and that is much more important than most give it credit for. 

Overall, they are in the top tier of survival food companies alongside Mountain House, Emergency Essentials, and Valley Food Storage


My Patriot Supply has been helping people prepare since 2008. Their commitment to customer service, even through the pandemic in 2020, helped their customers stay ahead of shortages and be prepared to weather whatever was coming next. 

Their wide range of meals and high quality ingredients are designed to keep families happy and healthy through the toughest of times. Since they manage inventory so well and keep everything stocked, you can be sure to get what you need when you need it. 

My Patriot Supply is a sure footing for the average American preparing for disaster and emergency.